JR-EAST Train Reservation

Time Table

  • This timetable service is provided by the East Japan Railway Company, and can be used to find times and destinations for the following Trains;
    • Hokkaido Shinkansen
      ("Hayabusa", "Hayate")
    • Tohoku Shinkansen
      ("Hayabusa", "Hayate", "Yamabiko" and "Nasuno")
    • Akita Shinkansen
    • Yamagata Shinkansen
      ("Tsubasa" and "Toreiyu Tsubasa")
    • Joetsu Shinkansen
      ("Max Toki", "Toki", "GENBISHINKANSEN Toki", "Max Tanigawa" and "Tanigawa")
    • Hokuriku Shinkansen
      ("Kagayaki", "Hakutaka" and "Asama")
    JR East Line
    • Narita Express
    • Chuo Line
      ("Azusa", "Kaiji" and "FUJI EXCURSION")
    • Joban Line
      ("Hitachi" and "Tokiwa")
    • Tokaido/Ito Line and the Izu Kyuko Line
      ("Super-View-Odoriko", "Odoriko" and "IZU CRAILE")
    • Tobu Railway Line
      ("Nikko", "Kinugawa" and "SPACIA Kinugawa")
    • Uetsu Line
    • Resort Umineko
    • Zipangu (Hiraizumi)
    JR Hokkaido Line
    • Hakodate Line
      ("Super Hokuto" and "Hokuto")
    • Muroran Line
    • Chitose/Hakodate Line
      ("Rapid Airport")
    • Sekihoku/Soya Line
      ("Okhotsk", "Taisetsu", "Soya", "Sarobetsu", "Kamui" and "Lilac")
    • Sekisho/Nemuro Line
      ("Super Tokachi" and "Super Ozora")
    Joyful Trains
    • HIGH RAIL 1375
    • KAIRI
    • Koshino Shu*Kura (Yuzawa Shu*Kura, Ryuto Shu*Kura)
    • Oykot
    • POKÉMON with YOU Train
    • Resort Asunaro (Shimokita)
    • Resort Minori
    • Resort Shirakami
    • Resort View Furusato
    • SL Banetsu Monogatari
    • SL Ginga
    • SL Gunma Minakami
    • SL Gunma Yokokawa
  • The running times of trains may change due to unforeseen circumstances. Also, services may be suspended or interrupted due to natural disasters or other such incidents. Therefore, timetables should be used only as a guide.
  • Time Table Information shown, as of September 2, 2019, is based on the JR Timetable October 2019 issue, published by KOTSU SHIMBUNSHA Co., Ltd.
Tohoku Shinkansen
Hayabusa, Hayate, Yamabiko, Nasuno
Yamagata Shinkansen
Toreiyu Tsubasa (Joyful Trains)
Joetsu Shinkansen
Max Toki, Toki,
GENBI SHINKANSEN Toki (Joyful Trains),
Max Tanigawa, Tanigawa
Nagano Shinkansen
Kagayaki, Hakutaka, Asama
Limited Express trains on the Chuo Line
Azusa, Kaiji,
Limited Express trains on the Joban Line
Hitachi, Tokiwa
Limited Express trains on the Tokaido Line
Super-View-Odoriko, Odoriko, IZU CRAILE (Joyful Trains)
Limited Express trains on the Tobu Railway Line
Nikko, Kinugawa, SPACIA Kinugawa
Limited Express trains on the Hakodate/Muroran Line
Super Hokuto, Hokuto, Suzuran
Limited Express trains on the Sekihoku/Soya Line
Okhotsk, Taisetsu, Soya, Sarobetsu, Kamui, Lilac
Limited Express trains on the Sekisho/Nemuro Line
Super Tokachi, Super Ozora
Note: The operating schedule for Limited Express trains in Hokkaido is linked to the JR Hokkaido website.
  • The following reservations can not be made for Limited express trains which arrive and depart within the area between stations: the Fuji kyuko Line (between Otsuki and Kawaguchiko), the Izu Kyuko Line (between Ito and Izukyu-Shimoda) and the Tobu Railway Line (between Tochigi and Tobu-Nikko/Kinugawa-Onsen).
  • The following reservations can not be made for Joyful Trains which arrive and depart within the area between stations: the Aoimori Railway Line (between Hachinohe and Aomori) and the Echigo TOKImeki Railway Line (between Joetsumyoko and Naoetsu).
  • You will need to make a separate fare adjustment on the train or at the station if you ride on a rail line that travels outside of the area of your reserved-ticket.
  • Unauthorized copying, reproduction, or processing of this timetable with electromagnetic data media is strictly forbidden.
  • This timetable is maintained frequently. However, the contents of this timetable may be provisionally changed due to natural disasters, railroad maintenance work, and other such occurrences. Furthermore, if the train schedule is altered, changes may not be reflected immediately on the timetable.
  • The East Japan Railway Company cannot accept any responsibility for direct or indirect losses and damages arising from the use of, or from inability to use, this timetable.
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